Comic Review: Hoax Hunters #4

From Image Comics, Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley, Axel Medellin, Charo Solis, Jim Campbell, Sean Dove, and Keith Burns


The concluding issue of the first arc of Hoax Hunters is the series’ best thus far. It embodies everything that a good comic book is; emotional, action packed, thoughtful, great pacing, everything!

The vibe throughout this issue in line with an Ok Corral kind of feel. Its that epic showdown between good and evil; Clive and his gang, which has a goat man, something that appears to be the Jersey Devil, some Ghost Rider flaming skull zombies, and others against the force of the Hoax Hunters and the local sheriff. With a species in the balance and the end of the universe stretching far, our Hoax Hunter heroes are triumphant, with the help of a Bigfoot like creature named Durand.

At the end of the issue, two things are clear, Durand isn’t very happy and is most likely going to stir some stuff up, and secondly, the universe itself may be in danger. And it may all be Jack’s dad’s fault, not to mention Jack’s last actions in this issue may make things a lot more worse.

Moreci and Seeley’s ability to seamlessly wrap up plot points and introduce new ones is still top notch and seamless. The art remains stunning as ever as Medellin realizes the vision of this book to the fullest. Based on the images on the page, he has full command and a great imagination to make the scripts come to life.

Hands down, this is one of the best new comics of 2012. Now that this arc is rapped up, I feel I can appreciate zero issue fully. I’m sorry I ever doubted this series, but one thing is for sure, I’ll be buying issues, trades, and I’ll annoy the internet with how much I love this series. Haven’t jumped on yet? Get on it before it starts back up!



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