I’m writing this post while slightly intoxicated, so please forgive any mistakes.

For those that don’t know, I Kevin Hellions will be marrying Elise, @Eliseleusificus this Saturday in upstate New York.

This will cause us to miss NYCC, much to the dismay of some friends.

But lets not talk about what isn’t happening.  Lets talk about what is.

First of all, my father decided to show up to tonight’s bachelor party in full Thor costume.  I was stunned.  My Dad never really understood me or my geeky self.  But he watched Iron Man, and Hulk, and Thor, and Captain America and finally the Avengers.  Yes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought us together.  We had something to talk about.  It was incredible that he would do such a thing.  Check out my Twitter feed @teamhellions for the picture.  I’m too tired/tipsy to attach a file.  Spell checking things is all I can handle.

This near drunkenness is fueling my desire to be more loving to all.  You should have seen this coming.  I’m at that point that I want to hug everyone, but I’m not going to throw up.  Just so you know what state I’m in.

My brother did very well in taking me out tonight.  One of my long time best friends, The Educator (check previous podcast episodes) came out as well.  Kurt (who has written for us before under a pen name) and various family members all showed up to dinner tonight.

We were at the local Buffalo Wild Wings for nearly 6 hours. And they were glorious. Family and friends and some great talk and a good bill.  Honestly, one of the biggest bills I’ve ever seen.  Thank you to all who contributed to my great night out.

And now this turns into thank yous.

Thank you to my wonderful bride to be, Elise. She is the one who showed me the good I could do with a serious site.  Now this site is well read and respected. Every retweet, link, review, etc this site gets is thanks to her.

Thanks to Elise for putting up with me and agreeing to be mine as well.  Stifle that vomit fellow Hellions, for I love my future wife.  She has changed my life for the better.

Thank you to Rob and Solace.  I really wouldn’t have  a site like this without the two of you.

Thanks to CrysLewis. One of the best friends we could ever have, and she doesn’t hear it enough.

Thanks to Aspen Comics and Sea Lion Books for sending me so much.  Forgive me my friends.  I have fallen behind during all of this wedding planning. I will return to telling the world how much I love your titles very soon.

Thanks to the podcasters I enjoy each and every week. Sax, Sam, Sam, Chan, Leonard, Todd, Zack, Mandi, Marisha, Christian, Blair, Tim, and more I cant think of right now.  I owe you hours of entertainment.

Thanks to Grace, Charles, Greg, and many more I’m too tipsy to think of for making me feel loved and respected within the comics world.

Thanks to Pete’s Basement crew for being genuinely great guys.

Thank you to JD and 2CW for everything.

Thanks to my dad, my mom, my future in laws, my brother and his wife, my family, my friends and most of all my beautiful bride to be.  I’m so happy I get to marry her.

That is all for late night semi drunk posting.  Feel free to comment.  Make fun, leave shout outs, etc. Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone, but you know, tipsy.