I’m somewhere torn between thinking this episode could have done a lot more and thinking this episode was incredible. I’m usually happy with my NXT, or completely angry. This time I sort of feel like I coasted with great segments and OK matches.

4. Bo Dallas vs. Johnny Curtis

Bo Dallas can not do a spear, he needs a new finisher. He also has a hard time with a clothesline as he hooks McGillicutty during this match instead of hitting him flush across the chest. What Dallas has going for him is bumping and he does very little of it in this 4:05 match that really didn’t do much of anything for either of them. It is listed, though, because the segments didn’t last long enough to really be list worthy, even if they were great, and Curtis is amazing and does his best with what he has.

3. Leo Kruger vs. Dante Dash

Another match on NXT where they don’t even bother announcing one of the opponents. It’s up to Saxton and Regal, as usual, to explain to those who do not know that Leo Kruger’s opponent tonight is Dante Dash. Now, I’m sure Chris Russo actually did announce Dash when he came to the ring, but someone back in editing felt it didn’t need to be on television. Of course, I was able to see Scott Stanford give the World Tour Report, so I guess I can’t complain about what they slid in there this time. Decent match that was all about Kruger and his abilities and showing off that Dash can take a beat from a smaller guy and sell it well.

2. Paige & Audrey Marie vs. Kaitlyn & Alicia Fox

In this we see signs of the Hollywood Express character that Audrey Marie plays with Mike Dalton and Xavier Woods at non-televised shows, but unfortunately there is no mention of it. Paige and Audrey Marie make an awkward pairing just because it seems like they were randomly thrown together. Of course the same can be said of Kaitlyn and Fox. Doesn’t take away from the abilities shown off in the ring, and while Audrey Marie still needs the most work, this was a 6:18 match that did not feel that way. For nearly the first four and a half minutes it was all Audrey Marie defending against Kaitlyn and Fox, but then Paige came in and became, “Paige all full of rage,” as Regal would point out. She won this easily in the minute or so remaining once she entered. Now why can’t Raw or Smackdown pay this much attention to the divas in ring? Wish I had known why they were fighting, though, where at least the divas on Raw and Smackdown currently have a plot.

1. Michael McGillicutty vs. Seth Rollins

Before this match can begin CM Punk comes out and shows he’ll be at ringside, watching the champ. Punk actually looked uncomfortable with the amount of times the camera went to him during this match. This was our main event! The first time Rollins was defending his title! And already he had another title-holder breathing down his neck. That does not take away from the match, which was a good main event for NXT. We knew McGillicutty would lose but it did not take away from the effort the men put into the ring.

Thanks, as always, to @lindseyhxx and her Sunset Flip Photography for graciously allowing me to use her photos in the blog. Also thanks to Trent Barreta and Jake Carter for doing well in their promo even though it was not given a lot of time.