WWE Smackdown Spoilers for 10/19/12.


Miz TV starts the show.  Miz talks about losing the Intercontinental title on Main Event.  Miz announces a rematch at Hell in a Cell. Team Hell No comes out as the guests.  Miz says Daniel Bryan is the weaker of the two, and this caused Kane and Daniel Bryan to argue.  Miz watched his handiwork.

Big Show comes out, talks about his World title loss to Daniel Bryan and then says he’ll beat Sheamus. Dolph Ziggler comes out and says he’ll cash in Money in the Bank at Hell in a Cell.  Miz gets in on it too.  Booker T comes out and makes matches.

Randy Orton beats the Miz with an RKO.

Sheamus meats with Teddy Long and asks for a rematch against Wade Barrett.  Teddy books a Lumberjack match.

Team Rhodes Scholars defeat Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel.

Booker T talks with Teddy Long and Eve.  Eve claims she thought up the lumberjacks.

Team Hell No defeat Big Show and Dolph Ziggler.   Ziggler tapped out to the No Lock.   The Rhodes Scholars attack Team Hell No.

Antonio Cesaro beats Ted DiBiase.

Heath Slater beats Brodus Clay.  3MB was at ringside and assisted with the win.

Layla beats Natalya.  Eve joins for commentary.

Sheamus beats Wade Barrett in the Lumberjack match.  The Lumberjacks fought.  Team Hell No came out and fought with everyone.  Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick for the pin.

Dolph sneaks in and hits Zig Zag.  He is about to cash in when Big Show comes in and hits the Knock Out punch.  Show vows to win at Hell in a Cell.



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