Yawn!  Oh what a crazy week.  Did I miss anything?  What’s that?!  An all new assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers!  I need to get the brain cracking and answer this week’s question, provided by Brian over at the one and only Cool and Collected.


But what is this mysterious question?  Well, lets take a look!

Take a trip to anywhere in pop culturedom. What fictional town, time, or world would you want to visit?

The real problem here is trying to think of a place that would be nice to visit but also with a minimal to zero chance of death.  Sure, we’d all like to ride the TARDIS or go to high school at Sunnydale or fight against the Empire with Skywalker and crew.  However, most of the people that are part of any of that end up dead.  Unless your name comes before the “and….” (as in Harry Potter and….) chances are you’re not making it out unscathed.

Unless unscathed is only temporary.  Even for minor characters.  There’s only one place that can almost guarantee a reversal of the worst fate.  And oh hey look, I can tie wrestling into this too!   (If you’re wondering why then this must be your first trip to the blog.  Hi, welcome, we talk wrestling and comics a lot here but much more too.)

I’m going to go visit the Power Broker.

Who is the Power Broker you might ask?  He is a guy in the Marvel Universe who can bestow powers upon you.  For the right price.  But a little bit of “medicine” can lead to great strength.  Sure, there could be side effects.  But there might not be too.  Take the risk.  If all goes well the world is yours.

Its pretty much the steroids of the Marvel Universe.

Also, many of the men and women who bought their powers off of the Broker ended up wrestling in the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation.  A world full of super beings would also have sports with super enhanced players.  Sure, this real world has Stone Cold, and CM Punk, and John Cena.  But the UCWF has Armadillo!  D-Man!  And Red Zeppelin!

Alright maybe that’s not the best example.  But who can forget classic Captain America adversaries Left Winger and Right Winger!  I anxiously await a character called Hanging Chad in a Captain America MAX title.

Fun things is, Left and Right Winger were the first comic book “deaths” I ever read.  I’m not sure when I bought it, but it was somewhere in my first year or so of reading comic books.  I would pick up anything that looked cool and Captain America #347 looked cool.  There was a dangerous Cap, some other guy named the Captain, and two crazy bad guys who died at the end.  I found out years later they “survived” because those Marvel Zombies LOVE Left and Right Winger.  Who can forget the classic tale, Days of Wingers Past?  OR the Infinity Wingers?  These are the events that begat Marvel NOW!

Anyways, back to Captain America and the other guy running around in that comic.  See, Captain America wasn’t Captain America.   No, Steve Rogers had quit and was running around in another costume as The Captain.  John Walker was wearing the mantle of the Star Spangled Avenger.  John Walker didn’t have the Super Soldier Serum.  No, he got his powers from, that’s right… the Power Broker.

Why wouldn’t you buy things from this guy?!

And then he died too.  Steve Rogers donned his costume yet again and that’s all from the Power Broker’s most successful client.   Or is it?

Boom!  Introducing USAgent!   A member of the West Coast Avengers, Omega Flight, Invaders, Secret Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Defenders, and probably more teams that I just cant think of right now.

Come on now, how awesome does that sound?  All it takes are some super steroids and then we get to travel the world as a part of every preeminent super team.  Sure at the end you lose an arm, and a leg,  but hey at least you can still walk!  (Cough*Dynamite Kid*Cough).  More importantly, he can still kick some ass!

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