#HashtagHorror Cheerleader Massacre

REGALSAYS: Ah another 80’s flick. Possibly a softcore porno disguised as a horror by the amount of nudity in it. There’s a plot in here somewhere… Damned if I know!

But yeah… More nudity than gore.

jmt5887 I have the day off, I’m wearing a @Megatokyo Kimiko shirt and watching a crappy horror movie. I declare it’s a prefect day. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Fuck you CaliFilm #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold Holy shit was this filmed on an iPhone #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 that scream was loud. and sure running half naked in the dark forest will save you. #HashtagHorror

CestMoiLizzy Excessive stabbing and mandatory running. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Stupid bitch put her pants on wrong with the tag sticking out in the back #hashtaghorror

VrySrsBsns boobs #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 what a kill. with a wooden staff. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold She deserved to die #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold Titties #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 Just for the guys well show all the women naked so you don’t have to see this crappy movie in the credits. #HashtagHorror

CestMoiLizzy Cue bad ditzy cheertaters. I mean leaders… No, I mean taters. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Acting is worst than a porno shoot. Shower scene. #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 More nudity. really trying to hook in the male audience. #HashtagHorror

CestMoiLizzy Yes, lets all come out of the shower with full makeup. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold This is worst than The Room…never thought that was even possible. #hashtaghorror

VrySrsBsns that was a finished oak walking stick. i hope they don’t expect us to believe it was the same branch he removed from the tree #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Ms. Ambers is the killer I bet #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold lol TNA camera angles #hashtaghorror

CestMoiLizzy duh-nah duh-nuh duh-nuh *creep-tastic Slasher movie music* #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Jaws theme would be appropriate here as this cheerleader is about to die. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Bad plumbing #hashtaghorror

VrySrsBsns i hope their strenuous filming schedule didn’t get any of these girls fired from hooters. #HashtagHorror

CestMoiLizzy There is ALWAYS a goofball with a van. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 And I believe that was kill number 1. couldn’t have happened to a worse actor. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 I have heard girls periods are bad but that might be ridiculous. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Is it that time of the month or is she getting killed? That’s alot of blood. #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 Yes we need the pot to get through making this movie. #HashtagHorror

CestMoiLizzy Good ol’ Highway Patrol #HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsns ms hendrick’s left boob is the killer. case closed. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold The sheriff looks like the dad from Pete & Pete lol #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 Serial killer number now at 8 #HashtagHorror

CestMoiLizzy Mom’s voice sounds like a robot. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Cheerleader should be replaced with Big Boobs. Big Boobs Massacre. #hashtaghorror

CestMoiLizzy Lets add one of those playground rickety bridges for the hell of it! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 oh yes it’s always a good idea to walk on a rickety bridge in a horror movie.. nice knowing you lady. #HashtagHorror

CestMoiLizzy It dices, it slices…. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Lmao so dramatic crossing a bridge. That is like a few feet from the ground. #hashtaghorror

CestMoiLizzy *tap* *taptaptaptaptap* #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Wait a second. you mean he’s done this before and he somehow got out to do it again? What terrible police work. #HashtagHorror

CestMoiLizzy Bad weather? BRING IN THE K9’s! #HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsns am i really risking a computer virus to watch this?!? gobbshite. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold And now there’s snow on the ground? #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold It really sucks to be a real nice guy #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 Wake her when it’s over. something tells me you’ll be waking up dead. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Brad Fucking Pitt. Naked. #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold These two guys look like rejected gay pornstars #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 Chains Required. well that might have a double meaning in this movie. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Hello random limping bearded guy with gun #hashtaghorror

CestMoiLizzy Is it a prerequisite for every slasher flick to have a van somewhere in the movie? #HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsns I’m thinking about periodically slugging myself in the balls so I don’t accidentally enjoy this movie. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold He always carries his phone in his ass pocket. #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold This is ridiculous. How I feel about this movie so far. #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 turned off the news report. That would have probably saved some lives. #HashtagHorror

CestMoiLizzy Whining “teenagers” in the van. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold I don’t think there was a script to this movie. #hashtaghorror

CestMoiLizzy Cue busted van in 3…… 2….. 1……. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 The Van is leaking Gas. maybe a explosion will make this better.. #HashtagHorror

CestMoiLizzy Yes. Walking is a joke, small blonde-complainer. #HashtagHorror #FirstToGo #Please

SpinninToeHold Don’t worry no one will steal that van…it’s a Ford. #hashtaghorror

CestMoiLizzy No, its strawberry syrup… #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Over Over…I wish #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 aren’t you a smart cookie lady. you figured out the cheerleaders are the center of this case. #HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsns I’m changing my name to McPherson so that everyone in southern California fears me. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold He killed her with his soft touch. #hashtaghorror

CestMoiLizzy This is why cops always leave their keys in the car… #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Random crazy killing and stealing of the police car. Had nothing to do with the plot though. #HashtagHorror

CestMoiLizzy Yes, small blonde-one, it is getting cooler and darker. They call it night time where I’m from. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Yes go to the first house you see. What could happen? #hashtaghorror

CestMoiLizzy Nobody answers? COME ON IN! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Random house in the middle of nowhere left unlocked. hmm. nothing bad will happen here. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold All Spread Out poor choice of words #hashtaghorror

CestMoiLizzy Nobody lives there? Of course the phone, water and power work… #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 fully stocked pantry and everything. and of course they have booze. #HashtagHorror

CestMoilLzzy We are in a strange house that “nobody” lives in, LETS PLAY SOME GAMES! #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold A phone O_O they found one #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 Of course the phone doesn’t work. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold I am so confused right now #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold Fake Rip Torn #hashtaghorror

CestMoiLizzy A rhyming killer? Bring it on! #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Lights….thank you Fuzzy? #hashtaghorror

VrySrsBsns I’m going to the bathroom. Then I’m getting a ice-cream Snickers bar. I know I won’t miss ANY plot points while I”m gone. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 oh now the lights are on and yet all the food was good in the fridge. #HashtagHorror

CestMoiLizzy Oh sure, of course they are going to listen to you… #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Fine MOM #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 Get rid of the booze. Okay teacher. *drinks it* #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Everyone has wireless home phones. #hashtaghorror

CestMoiLizzy Such impressive acting. *attempts serious-tweet and fails* #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Of course the killer was prepared for this weather. #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 Time to kill the power! *insert evil laugh here* and time to tell scary stories. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Guy with backwards hat….you look like you are 40 and a creep. #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold Abdullah the Butcher is loose #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold Wow I didn’t even realize that was the guy’s story. What the fuck. #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 any irony in that he is foretelling their deaths? #HashtagHorror

CestMoiLizzy That guy is making me laugh. Wow… #HashtagHorror

CestMoiLizzy He calls those “clothes” warm? Really? #HashtagHorror

CestMoiLizzy “In horror movies the killer never knocks, right?” #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold All I see are tits. This is keeping me from going insane. #hashtaghorror

CestMoiLizzy *insert random bubble bath scene* #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Ohh Bubble bath. time to remind the guys why they are still watching. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Who the fuck brings chocolate syrup to a bath? What the fuck am I watching? #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 Seems like such a waste of chocolate syrup and a good bath. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Product Placement at it’s worst #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold Her breasts have lazy eyed nipples. #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold In a horror movie the ratio of boobs outweighing deaths is not a good thing. #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 Time for the random hook up in this movie. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 I seriously thought she was going to eat that flame. oh and aksana’s horn player has been found. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Am I watching Fantasia or a bad horror movie? #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold How many fucking sheriffs does this town have? #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold That guy sucks at shooting someone running away. #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold This movie is making appreciate TNA more. Seriously. #hashtaghorror

VrySrsBsns almost enjoyed the shower scene. balls, prepare to be punched. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Russo Swerve…the guy has a spine tattoo(s). #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 The peeping tom is the next victim. oh and more sex. #HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsns like any of these girls have ever locked the back door. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Bye bye Creepy 40 year old guy. #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold Extreme Boob Close-Up #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 yes let’s opening the door to a headless guy and do more bad acting. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Stoners are going to save the day? #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 so every cabin in the woods had a gun? none my uncle builds do. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Don’t go. please don’t leave me with this lame cast. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Was this filmed in one take and on one day? Seems like it. #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 Yes leave the girl alone so she will be the next bimbo to die. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold This movie better have a Dusty Finish or I will be pissed. #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold The Ginger going Psycho Sid with the scissors #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 you better be careful with that machete you might cut yourself. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Exaggerated Facial expressions in this movie are fucking hilarious. #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 seriously a fireplace poker? you deserve to die lady. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold How come the two blondes stuck together? That’s not fair. Where’s Scooby and Shaggy? #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 That was a shocking development. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Wow there goes the ginger. #hashtaghorror

MiaaBonita I thought cheerleaders were supposed to be pretty. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Hacked to death the wrong person. and it’s revealed that Anglea is the one killing them. #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita He is totally no selling those hits #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold So it was the kinda chubby chick? What? #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 WTF this guy has gone to SuperCena’s class of selling injuries. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Why is everyone in this movie a terrible shot? #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold Stephanie McMahon with a gun #hashtaghorror

MiaaBonita These girls have super Cena powers #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 um hello ladies it’s a glass door. it’s not gonna stop her from getting in. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Don’t burn yourself with that candle in the middle of the room. #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold You bathturds #hashtaghorror

SpinningToeHold I bet all that money went for that explosion. #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 that was a crappy crappy explosion. #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita Are we really supposed to believe that these girls are in high school? The laugh lines & crow feet are a dead give away. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 that was a better explosion. bye bye crazy chick. #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita Blow jobs are their specialty.”@jmt5887: let’s blow the house up. that’ll save us. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold What a twist? What the fuck? Wow I don’t wish this movie on any of my enemies. #hashtaghorror


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