2CW 11/16/12 Highway to Hell Results. From Watertown NY. Demolition! Spike Dudley! Kevin Steen!


2CW presented their latest pro wrestling event live in Watertown New York this past Friday night.

Full results!

Pepper Parks defeated Cheech.

Isys Ephex defeated Jason Axe.  The bottom rope breaks during the match!

Isys gets a title shot tonight in Binghamton NY.

(Springate’s Squad) Zaquary Springate III, Colin Delaney, Sean Carr, Kage & Loca Vida VS. (Milan’s Militia) Matt Milan (w/Bin Hamin), “Muscle” Marcos, “Supercop” Dick Justice, Peter D. Order & Eric M. Timmins.

Its down to ZS3 vs. Milan.  Bin Hamin distracts the referee so Milan can hit Zaquary with the flag and pick up the final pin.

Slyck Wagner Brown defeats MASADA.

Super Smash Brothers defeat Sami Callihan & Rich Swann to retain the 2CW tag team titles.

2CW announces two huge matches for their IPPV live in Watertown NY this April 20th!

Sami Callihan vs. Matt Hardy


Eddie Edwards vs. John Morrison!

DJ Hyde defeats Cecil and Chaz the Afterparty.

Cherry Bomb defeats Addy Starr.

Demolition vs. the Killer Steves vs. Pun and Graham.  Smash pins Graham at the same time Steve Kruz is pinning Pun!  The referee says Smash was the legal man.  Demolition wins.

Former 2CW world heavyweight champion  and hometown hero Jay Freddie comes out to talk to the fans about his injury.  Current 2CW champion Kevin Steen interrupts.  Spike Dudley makes the save and the main event is on!

Kevin Steen defeats Spike Dudley following a package piledriver in a match the fans are calling “Tables and campers and chairs. Oh my.”


2CW is live tonight in Binghamton NY!

Check out all your 2CW news at the link below!



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