This wasn’t the week for NXT, Superstars, Smackdown, or matches, but “bah gawd” I was going to get the Top 4 matches in.

4. Zack Ryder vs. Tensai – Superstars

This was a surprisingly good match. I honestly sat down to watch this one expecting a two minute squash and instead it turned into a 6:24 match that had decent action. Tensai and Ryder may work different styles but they can work them well together. If you watch Superstars for anything this week it is this match (and Scott Stanford commentary).

3. Michael McGillicutty vs. Antonio Cesaro – NXT

NXT was hard to get a good match out of. Even Leo Kruger and Tyson Kidd didn’t do much for me and I love those guys. But instead I get McGillicutty, whom I adore, and Cesaro, whom I do not, that put on a match in less than 6 minutes that had the storytelling and moves it needed. And avoided rest holds. There was only one that was significant within the match and it didn’t take away from the action.

2. Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton – Smackdown

We’ve seen it before. Quite a few times. Which gave me trepidations about having to watch it. Again. But still, even if this was a rerun, the two men know how to work with one another. The two know how to fill 7:17 of match time with constant movement. There’s nothing new here, but everything they do is done well.

1. Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Wade Barrett vs. R-Truth – RAW

The first time I saw this I didn’t pay much attention, to be honest. I was kind of caught up on something else. So I had to watch it again, especially since everyone was saying how great the match was. And, to be honest, it was. I’m not a Kingston fan, but the match did more for him than other matches I’ve seen by him. Ever. The only one that could have rivaled this was the one on Main Event two days later. Still, entertaining match up that showcased all four men to the best of their abilities.