Its another week of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers!  We, we few who are chosen because we write geeky blogs, are given a weekly assignment from a Collector known only as … Brian.  Brian, what manner of mana have you for us this week?

Merry Geekmas! Write or photograph something festive and pop culture oriented.


Well I don’t really have any geeky holiday traditions.  Usually my Mom buys me something comics or Star Wars for Christmas.  But the rest of the family doesn’t quite “get” me.  Plus I’ve never lived on my own.  Its always been with family or with the girl I was dating.  But this year I’m married.   And last year I was engaged.  Thankfully she has her own geeky quirks.  I welcome all of you to the most wonderful time of year.  A little thing known as….


Mrs. Hellions loves Snoopy stuff and every Christmas time the house is decorated accordingly.  Check out numerous pictures from around Casa Hellions.  Go ahead and ask questions about Snoopy or anything else you see in the comment section below.  Who knows, you may inspire a future blog post.

Now lets take a look at the Snoopy gang.

Snoopy01 Snoopy02 Snoopy03 Snoopy04 Snoopy05 Snoopy06 Snoopy07 Snoopy08 Snoopy09 Snoopy10 Snoopy11 Snoopy12 Snoopy13 Snoopy14



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