From Aspen Comics, Mark Roslan, Cory Smith, Beth Sotelo, Josh Reed.

Basic CMYK

Broken Pieces reaches its emotional ending with issue 5 and its a heartbreaker.  Richard Adams’s tale ends and hopefully his world is better for it.

This final issue really brings home the lessons of the entire series.  The horrors technology can bring, the innocence of children and most of all the understanding that sometimes the monster is the good guy.  Mark Roslan tells a great sci-fi horror story here and I hope it gets enough attention to be optioned for other media.

Richard has a great look (well, not great for him).  Cory Smith does a masterful job of making him look disgusting and heroic at the same time.  This character, and this world created within is just a step away from the familiar.  Despite the elements of future science throughout the story doesn’t seem unreal.  Certain human traits like love, friendship, retribution, and yes even greed and betrayal will still occur no matter what the time or situation may be.

In a world overrun with super hero titles the Broken Pieces team show strength and violence in ways that will make even the most jaded comic reader wince in pain.  When a monster is the hero, his villains need to be bigger monsters.  The patchwork array of skins and… more (that would be giving it away) are grotesque enough to raise that bubble of bile in your throat.  Go ahead, get a glass of milk now, this article will still be here for you.

Finally, like nearly all good Aspen Comics titles the women take center stage.  Gabby and Sophie shine in this ending.  Seemingly just side characters their actions truly change the world.

Do yourself a treat, read all five issues in one sitting.  As a complete tale its one of the best I’ve read all year.  If Broken Pieces doesn’t have an sequel at some future date (and on one hand I do see some possibilities for one) then we’ll all just have to follow Mark and Cory to whatever they dazzle us with next.