Top 4 WWE Matches of the Week 12/9/12 – 12/15/12

This was not the week to enjoy wrestling matches on WWE television. Smackdown was a waste of time. NXT only had three matches. Raw’s matches were… meh for much of it. Main Event had two great matches. Main Event might have been my favorite show of the week and if it wasn’t for the fact there are only two matches on the show and no Scott Stanford commentary I might have started doing a Top 4 of it.

4. Paige vs. Sasha Banks – NXT

The show starts off with the two divas this week. I’ve mentioned my biased already when I first saw Sasha Banks. I was expecting, well, Kelly Kelly. I was pleasantly shocked by her ability and not just because she was wrestling against Paige who takes every move seriously and like her life depends on it. If you watch any divas match for this week, it’s these two. They are the future and hopefully someone doesn’t screw that up.

3. Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre vs. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel – Superstars

It was a toss up for 3MB matches this week. It was either this one or the one from Main Event where Slater wrestled as well, and that match was pretty damn good as well. However I chose this one for the fact that there was no random break during it, at least for my stream, so it never seemed to break it up, and I prefer just two men wrestling to the three-on-two. It gave the three men slightly less time to shine as opposed to two men getting an equal opportunity. Quick match, and despite the hate for Mahal, he took his beating from Gabriel and Kidd like a champ.

2. Alberto Del Rio vs. Ryback – Main Event

This has been Ryback’s greatest match to date. His second best wasn’t even a real match against Jack Swagger right before Swagger took his break and walked out on AJ. Del Rio, despite being written into a corner character-wise, is still charismatic and an incredible wrestler who worked well with Ryback. This also gave Ryback a chance to actually shine as a wrestler and not a big guy who can lift people.

1. Rhodes Scholars vs. Prime Time Players vs. The Usos vs. Epico & Primo – RAW

I don’t even like all of the guys in this match and I couldn’t help but agree this match was the best. I had to watch it again after missing most of it due to Twitter-ing during it, but watching a second time… These are 8 men who put their heart into this match. The only thing that lost it was that the Prime Time Players were eliminated DURING THE COMMERCIAL! What the Hell? What did Young or O’Neil do that they seem to be being punished while on screen, while still not losing air time?


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