The Great Showdowns by Scott Campbell Review.

Recently the good folks at Titan Books suggested I review one of their latest titles, The Great Showdowns.   Thankfully they did because its one of the most stand out books of art that has ever crossed my eyes.


From the amazing artist Scott Campbell, who many of you may remember from Zombie in Love and Amazing Everything.  Scott shows us some spectacular and original confrontations between many of your favorite characters in all of pop culture.

Oh sure there are easy ones like the Matrix, Aliens, Terminator, but then it gets interesting.  I’m sorry, what do I mean by the word “then”?  The book starts off interesting.  It opens with a foreword from Neil Patrick Harris.  If this art is good enough for the multi talented and recently openly geeky man then it should be good enough for any man woman or child who comes across this book.

The book continues with dozens upon dozens of pieces that are guaranteed to excite and delight each and every person who sets foot in your home.  There has never been a more adorable representation of beloved characters from Indiana Jones all the way down to ED-209.

There are two concepts that really shine in this book.  First of all is the use of inanimate objects.  Sure, its a little twisted to see smiling shards of glass, but when John McLane is waving back at them that same warped scene is now adorable.  You’ll never feel a more devious smile crossing your face.  Especially after seeing Tony and a desk full of the cutest pile of coke.

Also, the group shots are inspired.  From the cast of Shaun of the Dead, Hit Girl and enemies, Muppet Christmas Carol, the Princess Bride and on and on.  What seems so simple upon first glance becomes richer with every page and every character.  To give you another hint to the art inside, my that escalated quickly.

This book has become a permanent coffee table display.  Perfect for quick browsing or deep enjoyment any time of the year.


One thought on “The Great Showdowns by Scott Campbell Review.

  1. Reblogged this on I am Grayson. and commented:
    If only i had a coffee table to put this on. It’s books like these, the ones I never see or hear of, that make me angry with bestseller lists and chain book stores who drown out some really great things.

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