Actually, coming out today!

From Aspen Comics, David Wohl, Alex Konat, Beth Sotelo, Josh Reed.


Each and every issue of Fathom thrills readers with the adventures of Aspen Matthews.  She is the siren of the seas and the most gorgeous strong woman in all four colors and all seven seas.  No one can touch her power.  Nor has any character come close to being as jaw dropping impressive.

Then the events with Judith take place.

This was beyond impressive.  Judith, the Blue, and every bit of creativity that took place to bring this issue together.  I was excited reading this and also very scared.  Judith becomes so big so fast that I feared there was no possible way for a resolution to take place within the covers.  Thankfully there is one more issue to this tale.  Nothing made me happier than to see a 9th issue will be on its way.  I’ll take more Judith any chance I can get.

David does a wonderful job of making me fall in love with this character in only a few panels.  This twist of an ordinary character becoming so powerful is on the level of Joss.

Alex shows this off with years of skill.  The water, the energy, the way that Judith looks both solid and intangible at the same time.  Its the kind of art so rich it seems like Judith could come off the page, but she would only slip through your fingers.   This credit extends to Beth’s colors as well.  The use of blues, the placement of reds.  These may as well be fireworks setting off 2013 as a year of creativity and art.

Lets not forget Josh’s lettering as well.  Faced with what must be an impossible assignment, to express the sounds of both water and technology, he pulls it off.  Through colors, fonts and even the letters chosen there is never a doubt in which energies are being unleashed.

Fathom #9 has jumped to the top of my most anticipated issues this new year.  What a great way to start 2013.