With the fury of a woman scorned by the world, the latest volume of the 10 part Executive Extinction story line continues.  Who knows which of the Assassins will make it out alive.  To be sure, each and every one of your favorite killer ladies will be forever changed at the end of this tale.

Take a look at the stunning art Aspen has provided us.  Multiple covers, and pages after pages of previews.  This is an issue so full of excitement that there’s enough boiling over the top to give away for free.  The deadliest of flowers will be on store shelves in just two weeks.

Enjoy the official preview from Aspen Comics and be sure to tell your local comic book shop that it would please you to have this comic, and all ten parts of the event, on your pull list.



Vince Hernandez – Writer / Jordan Gunderson – Art / Teo Gonzalez – Colors

The Extinction begins!

The return of Executive Assistants Orchid and Lotus can only result in one possible outcome—more bloodshed! As Lily and Aster struggle to find a way to get to and kill the EA killer, Mazutsu, the pair quickly realize it’s better to make amends and unite as group, or risk dying as individuals as the “Executive Extinction” crossover continues!
EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: ASSASSINS #7 is in stores January 16th, 2013!

FC 32 pages $3.99