From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Jordan Gunderson, Mark Roslan, Teodoro Gonzalez, Josh Reed.


The battle of the Assassins heats up when Rose comes along to put  a thorn in everyone’s business.

Vince continues to execute masterfully the unenviable task of writing multiple women while being burdened with the fact that he is a man.  Yet he pulls it off and puts the cherry on top of his writing sundae by making each woman stand out as individuals.  While we have heard these women speak and see them fight, not a one commits these acts in the same way.

Further that accomplishment with Jordan’s art.  Its easy to draw fights in comic books.  Hundreds if not thousands of artists have done this over the years.  But to showcase different fighting styles within the confines of panels is a rare accomplishment.  Rose has a very aggressive offense whereas Lotus for example plays defense but never once appears weaker.  Then there is Aster who was not on my favorites list for some reason before this but damn if I don’t want more of her after the emotions this issue brought out of me.  Lily has been written about many times before and I continue to love everything about her.  But damn Jordan how did you pull that off with Orchid?!  Who draws ground and pound?  How many artists can pull off submissions?  To blend the comics and wrestling here, I marked out for Orchid in this issue.


I love the character designs for each woman.  Its not just what they wear, although the “costumes” (for lack of a better term) demand some sort of figures or statues so they can be displayed prominently in every Aspen fans’ home.  No, its the whole lifestyle.  Their rooms, their vehicles, everything.  This blend of ideas to sketch to colors that bring to life every Assassin.


It all comes together on one page too.  I try to be spoiler free in these advance reviews so fellow fans don’t feel cheated.  You’ll see it though.  “I am a professional.”  Just gorgeous.  Everything comes together here.  Pacing, art, the weight of the lines, the subtleties in the color, and the placement of text to really pull it all in.  Its only January and that is one of my favorite panels of the year already.

This is part three.  Its not too late to get all caught up on the Extinction event.  If things are this crazy, this intense only three parts in I may need to take time off of work to recover from later issues.