From Titan Books, Alan Martin, Mike McMahon.


I was first exposed to Tank Girl with the Odyssey book back in college by the award winning coolest professor ever.  Since that time a lot has changed in the world but I am pleased to say that Tank Girl is still her well written, unique, fresh, bizarre and simultaneously brilliant self.

In this latest chapter of Tank Girl’s adventure, Tank Girl and Booga appear on their favorite TV game show and find that some people just don’t like Tank Girl.  Shocking, I know!  After being very publicly insulted Tank Girl gets the band back together to execute vengeance.  All goes according to the original plan, but the ripples take this tale into places where the word unexpected just isn’t strong enough.

Tank Girl can be used as the barometer to decide all your friendships.  She is vulgar, offensive, and at times disgusting.  In both text and art.  However, every bit of it is brilliant and there for a reason.  Tank Girl has to travel down so many sandy roads to turn them into the mirrors that reflect society.

The tale of Carioca is the tale of that which we all desire.  An inner peace.  A place in the universe.  Answers to everything.  However, whether its the world of four colors or our own, this is just outright impossible.  The world throws some horrible things against her.  No matter if Tank Girl is the biggest saint or the biggest pain in the ass, bad things will happen.  Same goes for all of us.  There is only one thing that any of us, Tank Girl included, can do in this world.  Live our lives according to our moral code, love and trust in our friends, seek much merriment.

Carioca is a fantastic and twisted tale of growth.  In a time when so many comics are disposable Tank Girl will resonate within all readers for some time.