From Boom Studios, Grace Randolph, Russell Dauterman, Gabriel Cassata, Steve Wands.


Fuckin A!  I did not expect anything so intense after the last issue, which was also intense.  Huge twists and turns and bombshells happen in this issue and I cannot believe she’s keeping up this pace.

Helena Hart and Hayley Harper have one of the most uncomfortable altercations I’ve ever read.  Its brutal.  Its horrible.  Yet its so understandable.  On both sides.  Whether its the woman who already lost that which she loved most, or the woman that’s about to, every one of us would be driven to extremes to keep our lives together.  Put those extremes into the world of super beings and what other outcome could there be?

Eli and Jeremy are in the middle of the month’s best adventure book and its thanks to the intensity that Russell puts into every panel.  Amazons, dragons, and more cliffhangers than the Sylvester Stallone Dollar Store DVD shelf.   I mean, when the rope was cut…. well, for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet I’ll warn you to lock in your seat belts and roll bars for this ride.


With the adventure, the tragic love story, and super heroes abound what could be missing from this book?  Some horror you say?  Well then just watch what Hector does in this issue.  It was creepy, horrible, uncomfortable and makes him look like a true Predator (the type that needs to be caught).  These pages are where the entire team shines.  Russell’s art is always packed with subtleties.  I’m not sure that anyone can draw expressions better.  Speaking of subtleties the lettering and coloring of the bedroom scene increase the awkwardness tenfold.  I could see the impact of these pages being halved if not ruined in the hands of lesser artists.

And what did I see from Hector’s little demons?  Was it sympathy?  I may fall in love with these little guys.

Its on one of the covers, so this shouldn’t really be a spoiler, but Agent Twilight comes out of the closet.  Paul’s reaction reveals more about the inner workings of the super hero mind than an infinite amount of punches could.

I’m at a cross roads with this book.  Its so good I want to read it right away, but the stories are so engrossing I also want to wait for trade to avoid that pain of 30 days in between.

In closing, let me tell a quick story.  One of my favorite comic book podcasts is the Weekly Longbox.  Every week there is a reader Twitter question.  This past week the question was, what is your favorite comic book sound effect?  If Supurbia #3 had come out one week earlier there is an intense page at the end that would have won my vote.  THN-GLRG-KKK!