From Image Comics, Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley, Axel Medellin, Charo Solis, Jim Campbell, Sean Dove, and Jenny Frison



Drooooooools; oh sorry. I have a review to do, but this cover. Damn! And with good reason; issue #6 of Hoax Hunters is the beginning of a new story arc. “The Hauncheyville” story line begins with our Hoax Hunters team at a paranormal conference, making a presentation and opening up the floor for a Q&A session. A lot of the questions end with Regan being asked on a date by guys and girls alike, but then a disruption from the crowd.

Issue #6 brings with it the introduction of a team known as the Hoax Hunters Hunters; a three person group with the whitest Jack Lawson you’ve ever seen. Wrestling fans will instantly think of Kerwin White upon seeing him. They also have their own Regan who has the worst hair job I’ve ever seen, and their Ken has been replaced by a very obese individual. Moreci/Seeley do a great job of farcing their own characters, but they also use them to introduce a great new story line, and a new nemesis for the team, that as of the end of the issue, we know little to nothing about. Gnomes anyone? The HHH also provide the reader with something to relate to. We have all seen shows like Fact or Faked, Finding Bigfoot, or Ghost Adventures, and rarely does the reviewer/reader, and the ones who make the accusations, have a window into that other side that is being challenged. With Hoax Hunters, and in this universe, we know it’s real. In an incidental aside, it’s the introduction of this team that should cause you to test the world around you, and question what we don’t know. Or at least, treat the “mysterious” side with a little more compassion and less skepticism.

The ending of this issue is pretty damn despondent. One member of the HHH dead, in one of the most gruesome manners I’ve ever seen in comics. With issue #7, everything is unexpected. You don’t know whats going to happen next, which basically means that I want issue #7 right now! Issue #6 is the best issue of Hoax Hunters to date, complete with all the quirk, wit, and horror that this book is representative of. Welcome to Hauncheyville, Wisconsin folks. It may be the death of you.