WWE Smackdown Spoilers for 1/25/13.




Team Hell No come out and cut a promo to say they’ll beat Team Rhodes Scholars at the Royal Rumble then each man says he will win the Rumble.  Rhodes Scholars come out to say they”ll win.  Big Show comes out to back them up, and this brings out Alberto Del Rio.  Booker T is out to announce an elimination tag team main event.

Sheamus beats Wade Barrett.

Natalya beats Rosa Mendes.

CM Punk comes out and calls out The Shield.  Punk tells them to stay out of his business and after some tense moments, Shield backs down.  The Rock comes out next and cuts a promo against Punk.  Punk gets taken out with a Rock Bottom.

Randy Orton beats Drew McIntyre by DQ when 3MB interferes.  Orton takes out all three men after.

The Miz beats Darren Young.  Antonio Cesaro is on commentary.

Team Hell No and Alberto Del Rio beat the Rhodes Scholars and Big Show.  Del Rio was the sole survivor.



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