I am pulling double duty on this post.  Not only is this part of Solace Winter’s prediction contest, but I will also be adding my predictions to the contest going on at Under Scoop Fire.  Yeah, I’m a predicting whore.


Check out my full predictions and tune in Sunday to see if I’m right!

Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz

The Miz now has the blessing of Ric Flair.  Plus the Figure Four.  But is the United States title where the new Nature Boy should be headed?  Why not one of the two big titles?  However, Miz needs to get back his main event spot and prove he deserves this brush off.  Plus, lets see where Antonio’s character goes without a title.

Winner and new US champion: The Miz

HellNo vs. Rhodes Scholars

I felt a little more dissension than usual from Team Hell No this week.  Plus, Rhodes Scholars didn’t get any moment to shine lately and my guess is that this has been done on purpose so we don’t see the title change coming.

Winners and new tag team champions:  Team Rhodes Scholars.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show

Big Show just lost the title and Del Rio is becoming a huge success as a face.  He should really keep this belt at least until WrestleMania.

Winner and still World champion:  Alberto Del Rio.

CM Punk vs. The Rock

You know, everyone is calling for the Rock to win.  I even think it will happen.  But what if WWE decides to mess with us?  If Rock doesn’t win it here he’ll get it on Raw for sure.  But I’m going to chance fate here.

Winner of the match and still WWE Champion, CM Punk.

Royal Rumble

As much as I’m willing to chance the WWE title match, I think that the Rumble is obvious.  John Cena.  He had a horrible 2012.  Cena debating on facing the Rock or CM Punk leads to good television.  Its the money match for ‘Mania.  Also, the WWE title can change at the Elimination Chamber, but the Rumble winner does not.

Winner of the Rumble:  John Cena.

Tie-Breaker 1: Last 4 Standing in the Rumble, and in order

(example, you have Orton winning the rumble) Cena, McIntyre, Lesnar, Orton (as in Cena gets eliminated, then McIntyre, then Lesnar, then Orton wins) Just give the 4 names.

I like it when the last guys are legit main event wrestlers who could headline ‘Mania but then a wild card as well.  Someone who isn’t at that level but you think, maybe they can build him up in two months.

Heath Slater, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena.

Tie-Breaker 2: Who eliminates the most people in the Rumble?

Brodus Clay.

Tie-Breaker 3: Who will be #1 and #2

Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton.

Tie-Breaker 4: Who are the first 4 people eliminated? (not in order)

Tensai, Darren Young, Brad Maddox, Road Dogg Jesse James.