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For some reason this has led to much internal debate.  What is a spaceman?  I feel that something like Star Wars or Star Trek doesn’t cont because everyone is in space.  I feel that spaceman should refer to something extraordinary.  Someone who is one of a very small amount of people in the country or on the planet, or whatever it may be that has gone into space.  No one is excited about a walker or a driver because near everyone can do it.  Therefore if everyone is in space it doesn’t count as a spaceman.  I need someone who is one of a very small amount of people to ever see the stars. The moon.  To the max.

That’s right.

This is all about Max Moon.

Max Moon was a cyborg spaceman character from WWF in the years 1992 to 1993.  That’s right, a long run.  Perhaps why many of you have never heard of him.  Max Moon was originally played by Konnan until he had a disagreement with Vince McMahon and left WWF.  Paul Diamond was walking around backstage with nothing to do, and happened to be the same size as Konnan, so he inherited the suit.  Konnan didn’t get much to do in the suit.  But Paul Diamond had the honor of donning the futuristic garb to wrestle Shawn Michaels on the first episode of Monday Night Raw.  Max Moon was also in the 1993 Royal Rumble for about 3 minutes.

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