Executive Assistant: Iris #2 Review.

From Aspen Comics, David Wohl, Alex Lei, Teodoro Gonzalez, Josh Reed.


The Extinction event continues on in part 4 of this 10 part crossover featuring all of the Executive Assistants.  Themes of honor and loyalty come to the forefront.  Never have the Assassins been so complicated and yet so simple as well.

It was one line that really stood out in this issue and caused me to reevaluate the entire series to this point.  “In our line of work the wishes of our employers come before anything else.”  I love the Assassins as characters but I never thought of them as employees.  Fiercely loyal despite who may get hurt in the process.  The dialogue between Iris and Rose will echo in my thoughts for the next six parts.

Speaking of things from this comic I want to see for the rest of the series, more Jasmine!  What an incredible design.  Sexy but scary.  Very mysterious.  That mask adds so much to her aura.  The Assassins may have their own Snake Eyes.

Be on the lookout for the amazing lettering and coloring in this issue as well.  Just look at Rose’s outfit.  So much detail.  Really only a couple of colors but so many shades that the slight variations combine into something larger.  All of the women have their signature colors and if I can get a monochromatic line of action figures based on Teodoro’s palate I’ll be thrilled.

Then there are the lettering differences.  Word balloons, Iris’s thoughts, the facts from the omniscient narrator.  The sound effects are presented in such great fonts and colors that they look like the broken glass or the hard concrete which inspired them.

The Extinction event is the first story that has me waiting twice.  Waiting for each new issue and waiting for the eventual collection so I can read it all over again in one sitting and dive deeper into the work of this unbeatable creative team.



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