The League – “I Love….”



Its another edition of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  This group of super heroic blogs came together one day.  A day like none other, to combat those questions that could not be answered alone.  All of this is led by Captain Cool and Collected.

So lets see what the good Captain has in store for us this week:

Write a stream of conscious post listing the things you love and hold dear.  

Damn.  *Cracks knuckles*  Alright, lets do this!

Not to sound like so many others on here (because I do try to be different) but first of all I love my wife.  She indulges in, and adds to my geekiness.  She exposed me to Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica.  She helped me be an adult while still being true to my geek roots.  Plus, she’s hot.

I already love our unborn child.  Yes, full post and details on that one soon.

I love our cat Wickah, the first and so far only pet I’ve ever had.  She’s been my wife’s cat for 12 years.  There is a nice set of photos that begins with me holding the cat as far away and as awkward as possible up to today when I am so the cat’s bitch.  More cream master?

I love being a geek in the digital age.  The only place within a half hour of us to buy anything is WalMart.  Yet I can watch near any movie and TV show ever made, read any comic, hear any podcast and more thanks to the internet.  Even better, most every company has gotten smart so all of this can be done legally too.

However I still love the smell of a used book store and a comics shop.  That pulp and dust scent that only the mixture of junk and treasure can create.

I love comic books.  Even shitty ones.  I love to get blown away by a story, I love to be excited, I love to think and I love to get pissed off thinking I can do better.

I love writing.  Every day if I can.  While I hate the feeling of depression and frustration I get when a day or two goes by without writing, I love that I get it still.

I love reading blogs.  There isn’t a local comic shop, or book store, or coffee house or anything of the sort where smart geeky people could potentially meet up and talk about all those things that we love.  But I’ve found it from you, the blog that you reading this writes, and I love your blog as well.

I love wrestling.  I love the feeling I have right now wondering what might happen tonight in the Elimination Chamber.  I love rumors, being right and being wrong about them.  I love discovering the next great wrestler and cheering him/her on as they move up in the world of pro wrestling.  I love going to live events.  I love how crazy the world of independent wrestling can be.  I sat down and shot the shit with Nigel McGuinness, Spike Dudley, and more.

Speaking of, I love the smaller comic book companies too.  The people who are hungry, and willing to shoot the shit with any reader.

I love cartoons.  The joy of rewatching Arise Serpentor Arise is equal to discovering all the twists and turns for GI Joe Renegades.

I love Five Below, Ollie’s, sometimes Marshalls and TJ Maxx.  Any and all of those stores that might randomly have toys, DVDs, comics, books or who knows what else.

I love Netflix.  Want to sit down and watch all of a great TV show over the next couple of weeks?  Its all right here.

I love discovering new shit all the time.  The greatest part of being a geek is that there is no end to good fun stuff to still discover.  Old and new.  I still haven’t watched Dredd but I also still haven’t watched Beastmaster.  Plus hours and hours and stacks and stacks of stuff in between.  At some point the football season is over, the Patterson or Clancy novel is finished.  But there is always always always more geek.

I love podcasts.  For fear of missing anyone I wont list them all here.  But I end up walking home a lot, because my co workers suck ass, and there is always a new fun entertaining at least an hour long podcast to keep me company.  Its another voice out there, just as geeky.  In a way that voice says its ok.  Life might suck some days but you are not alone.  I got the League, the Horde, and all the ripples that come off of that.  They are all out there like some brother (and sister) hood.

I love sushi.  So much I’ll buy that shitty kind at grocery stores just for a fix.

I love New York City and can remember the first time I saw it.  It truly is the greatest city in the world and every day I dream of the next time I get to go to Midtown, the Strand, and hopefully one day to NYCC.

I love the feeling of freedom upon taking off pants and/or socks at the end of the day.

I love getting things in the mail.  I love getting this blog big enough that people want to send me things in the mail.

I love shitty food but I also love how I feel when I eat good food.

I love thrift stores and flea markets and garage sales.  I love the hunt and the discovery.


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