Legend of the Shadow Clan #2 Advance Review.

From Aspen Comics, David Wohl, Brad Foxhoven, Cory Smith, John Starr, Josh Reed.


The first of Aspen Comics’ 10 for 10 titles strikes back with a second issue that builds up our heroes, our villains and most of all the mystery.  This comic is going to be as legendary as its name.  The story is building slowly, crafting characters the reader begins to know as well as their own family.  Dreams, skills, burdens and more come forward in such vivid detail the Himura family becomes your neighbors. No not those ones, the ones on the other side you actually talk to.

The Himura family is discovering that their lives may be more complicated that they thought.  Certain abilities are coming out as if they were there all along but… buried?  It certainly gets my attention, and I’m not the only one.  Another group begins to plot against the Himuras.  One side has all of the information and all of the tools to destroy the other.  Times are not good for the Himuras and even worse, they have no idea any of this is happening.  Yet.

This title is building like an excellent TV show. Every issue gives just a little bit more to the story, just enough to keep the tease up.  When this simmering pot of story boils over I hope we’re all laying on the floor reading our copies so our jaws don’t have so far to fall.

Cory Smith is doing that thing that all great comic artists do, but so few average ones accomplish.  Every character is unique.  From height, build, clothing, posture these characters are their own selves.  When characters look unique the reader feels more of an attachment to them and don’t see the cast as “just another (blank)”.

There are some great coloring choices throughout the issue but especially in the beginning.  Long shadows, staticy security cams, just brilliant work by John.   And I continue to love Josh’s choices.  Great placement of word balloons, and the perfect colors and fonts for narration.



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