From Image Comics, Shadowline, Kurtis Wiebe, Tyler Jenkins.



Allow this site and myself to join the constant noise all comic book fans are hearing.  Peter Panzerfaust is the shit.

A re-imagining of the Peter Pan story set in World War II Europe this tale has twists and turns, drama and excitement, but most of all tons and tons of heart.  There are plenty of teams in comics.  Lots of good female characters too.  Scores of leaders.  But very very few have ever come across as a family.  Peter Panzerfaust becomes a history of a family forged in blood but not by blood.  The bond between these characters becomes so strong that each and every reader becomes a member.  We share every tragedy and triumph.

This issue has a lot to be joyful about.  This title should be equal to all other versions of Peter Pan, including the original.  Not only are longtime favorite characters like Wendy or Peter himself presented in ways that are just as thrilling and beloved, but characters that readers may not have loved before come through with all new life.  This is an incredibly long way to say, Tiger Lilly is bad ass.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a better, stronger female character in all of comics this year.  One page features panels framed by the spray of bullets and its an instant classic.  Tiger Lilly gets a chance to shine, the family comes together, and Tyler shows off his incredible talents.  Its one of the most perfectly designed pages I’ve ever seen, and it comes right in the middle of a perfect book.

Kurtis is a master of foreshadowing.  While interviewing the surviving boys he constantly hints at things to come.  Some answers are within the issue, others a few months away and the rest may take years.  Here’s to hoping that Peter Panzerfaust is around for as long as it takes to tell this tale.