The Walking Dead #108 Full Spoiler Review.

When we talk about The Walking Dead on this site we don’t hold anything back.  We talk about every single detail.  So read on only if you’re ready to know everything.  If not, read the comic and come back.


From Image Comics, Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard.

Hard to believe that in a comic book which debuts a man who calls himself king, King Ezekiel, AND his pet tiger – this man would not be the most dramatic part of the book.

King Ezekiel is such a bizarre out there character its tough to see him as anything other than a joke.  While some bizarre behavior has taken place in the Walking Dead there hasn’t really been anything so eccentric.  Ezekiel, sorry – King Ezekiel, could end up saying or doing that one thing which changes the course of the comic book.  Its within reason to believe that we will all be fooled and this strange man could become a new fan favorite.  Characters can change course all the time in this book.

Which brings us to Dwight.  Holy shit, did anyone see this face turn coming?  Oh. sorry.  I meant face turn like as in the wrestling term.  I was not referring to your horribly scarred face Dwight.

In one issue Dwight has gone from the world’s most evil lieutenant to the greatest redemption story ever told.  Its crazy what any one of us will do for love.  Keep our mouths shut, kill people.  Even let our loved ones go away if it means safety.  The Dwight we saw and knew nothing about was a horrible man.  The Dwight with some backstory is sympathetic and has the potential to become a favored unlikely hero.

Oh sure “nothing happened” say those who come just for some gore.  But those who read this book for the incredible character studies are loving this tale.

Elsewhere, Michonne and Carl had a very emotional heart to heart scene that coincidentally echoes one of the most recent episodes of the Walking Dead show.  Andrea, Michonne, and Carl are all having trouble living in relative safety.  Without the constant fear of death sneaking up in the middle of the night they have all grown a bit soft.  They are all having troubles adapting to the world.  However, they can turn to each other because a life this hard can only be understood by someone else who has lived it.  We all see something bad coming, and the quieter moments like this show our group as a family.  One incredibly fucked up family, but a family nonetheless.  This core group would sacrifice anyone else they come across but not each other.  When the inevitable bad things happen Rick, Carl, Andrea and Michonne will only protect each other.

Also, did anyone else get a Dick Grayson/Damien Wayne vibe from Michonne and Carl?

Finally, the one page that will be overlooked by all until it pays off. Spencer prays for the strength to do what must be done.  No one prays for strength to complete easy tasks.  Its only the painful ones.  Spencer is about to do something horrible.  Sell the group out to Negan?  Assassinate Rick?  Who knows but whatever it is, it wont be pretty.



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