From Titan Books, Jim Mahfood, Alan C Martin.


If you are easily offended by honesty, vulgarity, violence, social commentary or any other related topic than Tank Girl is never and will never be for you.

However, for those of us who can take a joke and know that the world is a bit fucked up and someone needs to say so, Tank Girl comes in as the conquering hero who wishes you wouldn’t call her that.

This graphic novel collects three previously released issues into one handy dandy hardcover with extras.  Jim and Tank Girl creator Alan give us dozens of quick Tank Girl stories with a longer tale that carries throughout the book.  Its a great read in one sitting or an easy book to read a couple of pages then set it down to come back to later.  While the ways to read the book are varied there is one fact without options, the book is fantastic.

Tank Girl and her eternal kangaroo love, Booga, star in the many tales which can be silly or serious, but are constantly Tank Girl.  Once a comic book reader “gets” Tank Girl there is no turning back.  The writing is designed to piss you off, to make you think, to feel embarrassed at what is funny.  Everything that Simpsons was but to an adult level.  Everything we all want Family Guy to be.

Then there is the insane Jim Mahfood art.  This style of art is something I thought was shit when I was younger.  I honestly thought Mahfood was horrible when I first saw his art (and I’ll throw in Keith Giffen’s Trencher series too as I see some artistic similarities).  Had I discovered Tank Girl at this young age there is no doubt in my mind I would have found her ugly as well.  These opinions are the horribly wrong ones of an uneducated youth.

In truth this is the most detailed wordy art you’ll ever have the privilege of reading.   Every item of clothing, every vehicle, designs in the background, posters and more.  The deceptively simple extra details enrich the already brilliant words of Martin.  I want to use Tank Girl as a gateway drug.  Not to other comic books, but to new ways of thought.  Tank Girl can open your mind to the fallacies and hypocrisies of the world.  Yeah, its a comic.  And a fucking brilliant one at that.