Super Hero Squad Invades Hellions HQ! Green Lantern Corps to the Rescue!

Was that headline a bit much?  It may have been a bit much.  Doesn’t matter, I’m going to roll with it.

So the Super Hero Squad figures have started to show up at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and clearance aisles of other stores.  Which means they are now more affordable for those of us on a budget.  I mean, sure, I could have bought something really big and cool but instead I have 30 or so tiny little toys that will sit on a shelf for years and do nothing else.

Lets get looking at them!




Oh yeah look at all of those packages.  We have a lot to look at and get through here.  All of these are set up.  Wait, correction, baby on the way.  All of these were taken out of the packages, set up nicely and then removed and put in a box until we figure out a place for the upcoming wee one.  But it looked really cool and it will again!





Here’s the first set.  Thor, Sif and Marvel’s Frost Giant.  Who else has a Frost Giant? Was there a Norse gods Masters of the Universe knock off line?  Anyways these are some pretty cool figures to start this off.  Lets take a look.




I love these adorable Super Hero Squad styles.  Too cute and honestly because they’re so small I think we fans get more variety.  Also Sif looks better than most larger female sculpts out there.  Cute, strong and individual.  Not one to just repaint as someone else, as is the case with so many other figures.  Maybe a Valkyrie could be made of this body but that’s about it.

The Frost Giant is a big chunk of figure too.  You could hurt someone throwing this one.  I cant look at Thor without picturing his overly noble characterization from the cartoon.  Such a fun show too.  Catch it on Netflix.



I grouped these all together to show off the packages before I threw them out.  Really well done stuff here.  Jumps out at kids with some familiar characters plus some other ones just for sales.  Shocking too.  Planet Hulk and Silver Savage.  Just ridiculous ones but so freaking cool.  Most of all though how in the hell do we have a Volcana figure but I have still yet to get one Speedball figure.  Not even Penance!

You know what we do get though?



That’s right its the Scarlet Spider!  Or as Elise calls him, “Flashdance Spider-Man”.  Modok may as well be behind some turntables.  Iron Man is spinning Volcana on the dance floor.




Look at all these tiny Marvel masterpieces.  Lots of Iron Man too.  I don’t have a problem with Iron Man and I love the movie but he’s never been a character I was really into.  Now I have more figures of him than anyone else.  Possibly more than Spider-Man or Batman.  Not that I really collected either of them but when you collect comic book stuff you’re bound to end up with certain characters.

These Marvel figures have no equal.  There is no one who can stop them from dominating the shelves of the Hellions library.  No one!  Wait.  What’s that light?  Its not blue or yellow, its maybe… green?




All your favorite Lanterns are here!  All the ones that were released along with the movie and then sat on shelves for months.  Then got moved to the clearance aisle where many of them still live.  Seriously, if there’s a Five Below near you chances are you could get a complete set for about 20 bucks.

Who will win this epic battle?  The Green Lantern Corps powers are limitless.  Only something bigger and maybe even greener can possibly pull out a victory for Marvel.




Place your bets!


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