When we talk about the Walking Dead here we talk about everything.  So if you haven’t read it yet and don’t want to know what happens stay away from this article.  

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From Image Comics, Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard. 

Usually I try to write these reviews on Wednesday as soon as I can but this week it took me until Thursday night.  Therefore I was able to see a lot of other reviews.  So many of them are saying that nothing happened in this issue. 

Why are you people so ignorant? 

Seriously, do you not understand how to build up characters and tension?  Jesus almost caused the deaths of everyone.  He will lie and allow himself to be hurt in order to protect others.  You know what that is, some character development!  How are we to know what kind of man he is, or to either cheer or boo his actions, unless we see some of this.  Not every panel can involve zombie killing.  There are plenty of comics that go for gore over story.  Go read some of those. 

But the biggest complaint I’m seeing is a complete lack of understanding for the long and touching conversation between Michonne and Ezekiel.  Sure, after this fans know a lot more about Ezekiel.  He has gone from a joke character to an absolutely fascinating one.  I couldn’t care less about him before but if Ezekiel is around for 100 more issues I’m on board. 

Even better than that though is that we find out more about Michonne too.  She has been around for a long time and just when it seems like we all know what’s going on, along comes this conversation.  I mean shit, Michonne is smiling!  When was the last time that happened.  

In short, keep it down with the complaints that “nothing happens”.  So much happens in this book on each and every page, you just have to be smart enough to see it.