From Image Comics, Kurtis J Wiebe, Tyler Jenkins.


Is Kurtis a fan of the classic GI Joe silent issue?  About half of this comic will take you back to that legendary issue.  Its a difficult move to pull off, and one that really can only be accomplished in the there’s-nothing-else-like-it world of comic books.  First there needs to be great writing.  The writer needs to have characters that are interesting enough to work without words.  Then the artist has to be top notch as well.  There is so much more pressure on him to tell the story without word balloons.  Both writer and artist nailed the silent pages in this issue.  I may have spent more time with issue 11 than any previous one because despite fewer words it takes longer to read a silent issue.  All of the details need to be poured over and analyzed.  Thankfully every panel is full of story.

However, the entire issue is not silent and those speaking pages add so much to building the legend known as Peter Panzerfaust.  This issue, and apparently this arc, focuses on Felix’s pains and memories.  There are more questions than answers here but as the first part of a new tale that’s to be expected.  The last page reveal promises that this story is going to become horrifying for the boys.

Peter Panzerfaust is one of the comics that we need more of in order to gain more readers.  A simple concept that leads to many incredible stories and a definite ending.  While there may be an ending there is also more freedom.  People can and will die.  Events will change their lives.  Especially with last pages like this one, in which I believe that everyone will be forever changed.  Very possibly in the next issue.

Word is getting out that Peter Panzerfaust is one hell of a comic.  Its only going to get bigger and the sooner this comic is added to your pull list the sooner you can begin to enjoy one of the new classic in comic books.