Jirni #2 Advanced Review.

From Aspen Comics, JT Krul, Paolo Pantalena, Brett Smith, Josh Reed.

JIRNI-02a-Pantalena JIRNI-02b-Reserved-PhilipTan JIRNI-02c-RETAILER-Campbell


The second issue of Jirni continues to draw readers into this new world of Janna and all that surrounds it.  Ara wishes to rescue her mother Luna and pairs up with Nylese on this quest.  Oh, and Ara is damn straight at least half genie.  Not the only one either.

Its these original ideas that make Aspen Comics one of the greatest innovators on the comics rack week in and week out.  Who else is doing a book about genies?  No one that’s who.  Something else Aspen does that no one else does — feature strong well written female characters in the lead of multiple titles.  Ara will continue to grow over the course of this series and eventually take her rightful place as one of Aspen Comics’ princesses.  Its a lot like a Disney Princess except without dramatic make overs that erase everything strong and unique thus also loved that caused the character to become popular in the first place.

This is a terrifying time for Ara.  Her quest takes her to an old woman who is not all she appears to be.  Like so many classic tales involving genies and the like, there is a great amount of story to be discovered in the gray areas.  Characters get exactly what they ask for, and no one actually lies, but the great powers and interpretations of words are exploited for all their worth.  I would love to compare JT Krul’s writing to some of the great one hour action shows of the past but that would be selling it short.

All of this on top of some incredible art.  The transformation of Ara is a beautiful site to behold.  It shows just how strong women can be, in every way, and still be jaw dropping gorgeous.  I’ve always liked what Josh Reed does with character’s thoughts and this issue is no different.  Great form and font choices in here.  Brett is probably my favorite colorist in all of comics and this issue is no exception.  The way he shows Ara’s shimmering golden outfit had me fooled this was a 1990s gimmick comic and the gold foil cover was extended to the interior art.

Genies are known to be surrounded by riches but in Jirni the true wealth is on each and every panel.


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