The Collection Just Got Barbaric!

Welcome to another trip into the Hellions Library.  Now as many long time readers know, we’re making room in the house to fit in a baby and all of the things he’s going to need.  I am being very specific about what will be allowed to stay in there.  It must have meaning, it must give me joy, and one of the things that’s going to stay is Savage Dragon and related items.

I’ll admit its been awhile since I read Erik Larsen’s Image title on a regular basis but its only because I missed a lot of issues while in college and this is a title that demands to be read in order.  One day.  Anyways, a thing I loved about the Savage Dragon series was the incredible imagination of Larsen.  For example, characters like Barbaric:


Barbaric was once Barney Runningbear until radioactive waste dumped on his reservation transformed him into the super hero the world knows as Barbaric.  He has such a cool look to him.  So a couple of weeks ago when the League of Extraordinary Bloggers had a swap meet the incredibly nice and generous Chris over at Stunt Zombie  offered to send me a Barbaric figure!  And here he is!


Whoa whoa.  A little too close there Barney.  Back it up.


That’s better.  What an imposing force.  He’s a big ass figure I gotta say.  Its crazy to think of all the comics and all the toys out there and somehow Barbaric got made.  Not that I’m complaining.  He’s a brute of a hero and looks imposing on the shelf.  Solid too.  This guy will bounce right back in the event he falls off of a shelf.  He has one shoulder pad missing but I couldn’t care.  Battle damage!  Lets pretend Barbaric just fucked someone up.  Freak Force assemble!


Looking into it, Barbaric was released by Playmates along with a few other Savage Dragon characters.  Damn those are some nice looking toys.  I might have to track down the rest, and the variants.  I know a lot of toy blogging friends are tracking down other lines from Playmates and damn there’s some cool stuff out there.  They were definitely hunting out the weirdest properties out there in hopes it would be the next TMNT.


Alright that’s enough from Barbaric.  He’s headed to battle now.  I’m not sure exactly where, but I know its out west.


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  1. I always enjoyed the few Savage Dragon comics I was able to find. I always liked that they weren’t too serious, like most of the other Image titles.

    I never knew his origin story until now, and it sounds suspiciously like the Toxic Avenger’s. Hmm..

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