Its an all new week for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers and this week we were given a very open ended assignment:

Summer Vacation


Due to age and life responsibilities, I’m becoming that cranky old man who talks about how life used to be and those kids today don’t know what they have!

See, there is no such thing as Summer Vacation for me.  Hasn’t been for many years either.  Even while in college I would work over the summer.  For many reasons I’ve never been able to take a week or two weeks vacation.  Like most people I could take it while school is out and drive in a hot car for far too long to some destination I’ll spend way too much money at.

I thought about what I would want.  If I had one or two weeks open up what would I like to do above anything else?  That’s when I realized it.  I had it once.  I had it all.  And I was too immature to recognize it.

You see, every summer my family rents a cottage.  Technically my Mom does but really its the whole family coming and going from this house on the lake for two weeks.  Its not out in the middle of no where, in fact there are many other families and cottages around.  However this is a rental and thus there are certain things that aren’t provided because why would you spend all of your money on monthly bills for services at a rental property?

This means for the two weeks the family is there, there is no cable, no TV besides what can be watched via antenna (so nothing anymore after the digital switch), no internet and no phones.  Peace and quiet by the lake.  For two weeks.  Bring a VCR or DVD player and watch everything.  Stacks of books, magazines and comics to read for hours on end.  Right now I’m seeing lots of DVDs I don’t have time to watch and tons of comics and books I want to get through but there just isn’t enough time.  I would love those two weeks I had back then.

Crazy thing is, I hated these two weeks as a child.  I wanted to be on the phone with my friends, go to the mall to look at girls, and mindlessly sit in front of the TV all summer long.  For two weeks I would complain and mope and drive my family crazy.  Which is part of being a pre and teenager too.

I do think this led to my love of reading.  Well, added to it at least.  I needed something to do and finally threw my hands up and started bringing books with me.  At the peak of enjoyment I was going through a novel a day.   Then I would stay up and watch classic wrestling tapes.

Work has been a huge pain in the ass lately, plus the stress of a first child.  The rest of you can travel anywhere you want for vacation.  I just want to be away from it all with a stack of new tales.


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