Sanctuary #6 Review.

From Stephen Coughlin, Jordan Fong, Jef Bambas, SLG Publishing.


Its been a long while since we reviewed Sanctuary here at Team Hellions.  Friend of the site, Stephen Coughlin, created this tale of an animal sanctuary full of talking animals and oh yeah a murder mystery mixed right in.  Its a fantastic series and if you would like to know more check out the review of the first four issues:

And be sure to purchase your own issues at the link below:

I’m thrilled to see the comic is as good as I remember.  Sure its been a little while since I read issue five but every character and every twist in the story hit me like I had read it yesterday.

One of the best things Stephen did was to make every animal distinctive.  Think about it:  How would you draw giraffes to look unique?  Sanctuary has three of them.  Plus gorillas, and giant cats and more.  All of them have not only specific color patterns but also bone structures and body shapes.  It is one of those skills that I really seek out in comics and the good ones, like Sanctuary, have them.

Plus that murder mystery continues!  As with all good murder stories, the murder ends up being only the tip of what is taking place.  There are betrayals, secrets, revelations, and more throughout this issue.  And there’s one more issue for this story!  The humans are just horrible, but we all know to expect that of our own kind.  However, watch the rage of gorillas, the manipulations of giraffes, and worst of all the ohdeargod of spiders.  Seriously, this is the scariest spider scene in all of media since Ron and Harry wandered deep into the forest.

All of this for just under a dollar an issue.  This comic is worth every penny, all 99 of them.  Stop you’re complaining about constant cross overs and reboots.  Give SLG and Stephen a dollar and they’ll give you the darkest yet best story you’ve ever read.


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