Sanctuary #7 Review.

From Stephen Coughlin, Jordan Fong, Jef Bambas, SLG Publishing.


You have got to be kidding me!

I have reviewed the previous six issues of this comic and already heaped praise upon everyone involved.  I really love this comic and find this “dark Disney” tale to be one of the best I’ve read.  Great story, great art, great characters and all that.  Then I read this issue.

Bring me more.

No where in the depths of my imagination could I have thought up the twists within this issue.  I’m sitting here still floored.  Is there a Sanctuary online community?  Because I want to talk on and on about what took place and work through my feelings with other fans.  I’m tempted to ask my wife to put down the baby and read the series so we can then discuss it for many many nights ahead.

Where to begin?  There are deaths and non deaths and a huge huge reveal.  Oh the silhouette of who is at the top of the mountain with the boulder is just unreal.  I know many of you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Tough.  Go buy the comic.  Its only a dollar an issue and the first one’s free.  Buy them here:

Read them then come back.  I’ll wait.

Wasn’t that awesome!?  I had no idea the story was leading in this direction and now I’m clueless over what can possibly happen next.  Honestly anything can happen next but what will Stephen pick?

Such a perfect “last” issue.  Everything was wrapped up enough to be satisfying with enough open ends to entice readers for a part two.  Plus a few new characters who can expand that second volume in any of a million ways.

The simple pitch is this is a black and white funny animal comic book.  With a murder mystery.  But that is just far far too simple.  Its the start of an entire world which will grow and become more and more engrossing for more and more readers for years to come.


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