Back to School: The League of Extraordinary Bloggers.



Its another week and thus another assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  Headed up by Brian over at Cool and Collected, this loose rag tag motley crew of bloggers answers a weekly geekly question and then daisy chain some links together.  Its a lot of fun!  Lets see what this week’s question is:

Back to school!


First of all, I would never go back to school.  College sure but never grade or high school.  Hey, I spend as much time as possible writing up geeky blog posts.  Thus its safe to assume that I didn’t learn how to run or catch and thus relegated to the freaks and geeks tables at lunch.  School doesn’t hold many great memories for me but there are a few:

Grade school “clubs”.

Remember when life was simple?  You like GI Joe?  I like GI Joe too!  Lets form a club and talk about GI Joe and bring in figures or file cards or whatever and talk about the cartoon over lunch!  Then there was the draw of being in multiple clubs.  Transformers, Thundercats, and on and on.  It was how we discovered things before the internet.  Oh the day someone said they had a stack of GI Joe comics at home still resonates in my head.  I can picture a Red Ryder wagon full of comics sitting inside of a garage.  A garage that just happened to be located in my Grandparents neighborhood.  Thus a love affair with Dreadnoks was born.

Pretty girls:

Hashtag no creeping.  But remember when it was so exciting to go to school and see what that girl (or guy if you please) was wearing?  You know, that girl.  Then there were “dress up” days or some sort of theme days and she looked even cuter.  Granted, we all love our wives or girlfriends, and would never want anyone else.  But there was something fun and innocent and adorable about checking out the pretty girl at school.  Something nostalgic when marriage and children and bills are at the forefront.

That one day you feel smart:

If you’re lucky, and I had a handful of times over Kindergarten through college in which I was lucky, one day you gave a teacher an answer or asked a question so smart the teacher paused to think.   On that day you were a god.  Untouchable.  Elite.  Again, what a feeling to have as an adult.  Imagine saying something so profound to your boss that in that moment you both knew you are the smarter person.  You’d be on cloud nine swinging a dick that still reached ground.


Before the rest of the League answers in the links below, you know what was great in school?  Going around the class to introduce yourselves.  We should do that for the League.  Some of us have been following each other for years but there are always new people.  Lets all do a bio one week.  Who you are, where you’re from, things about your life, even other blogs that you’re friends with.  It might really make this group feel even more like family.


So what does the rest of the League have to say?




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