Daniel Bryan is Not What’s Best For Business.

… or why Roman Reigns needs to win the WWE Royal Rumble.



Lets look at last year’s WrestleMania.  Batista wins the Royal Rumble and is going to face Randy Orton.  Then Daniel Bryan gets thrown into the mix.  Whether it was the plan all along, or the WWE changing their mind because of the fans, or CM Punk swayed them (as he says) the point is it ended with a spectacular celebration and a new champion.

Who then was taken out a month later with an injury that he has taken three quarters of a year to return from.

Yes, Daniel Bryan is an amazing wrestler.  One of the best.  He deserves to be recognized as such and to have a run with the biggest title in professional wrestling.

And he had it.

He can even win the title again at some point.  As long as he is healthy he’s a great transitional champion.  A quick title change on Raw to boost ratings.  Something exciting in between PPVs.

However, he should not main event the biggest show of the year.


Because of the one thing he said in his return speech.

Daniel Bryan came back to the WWE.  He kept the fans guessing and just when they all accepted his retirement he instead surprised us all and announced his in ring return at the 2015 Royal Rumble.  All great and exciting news.  But pay attention to one thing he said within that speech.

“The doctors didn’t know what’s was wrong.  They couldn’t fix me.”

DIDN’T.  His neck was injured.  He lost feeling in his limbs.  He has been through an awful year physically and emotionally.

With no explanation from medical science.

What if his unknown problems act up again at the Rumble, or the next couple months, or worse of all in the main event of WrestleMania XXXI.

It is possible he will be facing Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.  The man who gave the Undertaker a concussion.  One of the biggest, most athletic, and skilled men in wrestling history.  And Brock Lesnar destroyed him.

I’m not pretending wrestling is real.  The man who plays the Undertaker was legitimately injured.  A man with an unknown injury should not put his life and career in jeopardy like this.

Sure Roman Reigns has been given some horrible lines to say on TV but he is still the best chance to have a major new talent.


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