The Red Bulletin Review.

Recently I’ve been put on the mailing list for the Red Bulletin, the official magazine of Red Bull.  I was emailed a survey to answer questions about the magazine.  However, either I took too long or for some reason the link was broken.  No matter the reason I thought, why not write up the review right here?

Maybe I can get some Klout perks off of it too.


My first issue of Red Bulletin was the October 2014 edition with Lenny Kravitz on the cover.  For some reason nothing resonated with me in this issue.  I can appreciate Mr Kravitz but he’s never been one of my favorites.  The rest of the issue had even less for me.  I was ready to write off all of the Red Bulletin and immediately toss it into the recycling bin as soon as a new issue arrived in my mailbox.

I’m glad to say how wrong I turned out to be.


The November issue has a great interview with Jesse Hughes, frontman for Eagles of Death Metal.  It doesn’t appear that Jesse and I are on the same page politically but that doesn’t mean we can’t rock out for days on end.  Now we have a packed magazine.  Roland Sands makes custom bikes.  There’s a giant metal spider at an Arcadia dance club.  Things just get cooler and cooler.  Now I’m excited.  Now I’m waiting to see what December has for a tie breaker.  The rubber match.


December rolls around and holy shit its Dave Grohl.  The musician interviews in Red Bulletin are somehow simultaneously quick and in depth.  The Grohl interview was funny and deep.  Between this and the Jesse Hughes interview I’m ready to get some more albums.  Most of all I’m ready to get more issues of Red Bulletin.

This end of the year issue continues to load up its pages with articles I cant wait to read.  Or even better, didn’t know I wanted to read and then was so happy I did.  Johnnyrandom who makes music with bicycles.  With bicycles!  Reading about the ridiculous amount of work it takes to create his craft makes me envious of his dedication.

I have a very strange fear of heights that can strike at odd times which made the Rope Jumping article absolutely petrifying to read.  I’m going to shake in bed later on at the thought of this.

Then there’s Rashida Jones.  Can she do any wrong?  Not yet and not likely.

The January issue is in hand and while its no December, its still good enough to recommend the Red Bulletin.  Sure, you have to read all about people doing much more than you ever thought or dreamed of but maybe this will be the impetus to get you moving and featured in the next issue.


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