A Stunt Zombie!



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Recently my buddy Stunt Zombie offered up a coupon.  Yes, of all things, a coupon.  Thing is my wife is the coupon queen.  We have had to have store managers come to approve sales because we saved too much money.  She once paid 12 cents for brand name box of cereal.  Multiple boxes of cereal!  With that in mind I thought sure buddy, send me the coupon.

Oh but there was more.  So much more.

Stunt10 Stunt09 Stunt08 Stunt07 Stunt06 Stunt05 Stunt04 Stunt03 Stunt02 Stunt01


I’m going to go through things indiviually on future posts.  Take some time to sit down and enjoy each item and give them all the attention they deserve.  But first a few notes.  One, when I took out that Spider-Man book I gasped.  I actually gave out quite the large gasp.  I have never seen one of these before.  Plus, its in color.  I was shocked.  Such a beautiful item.

Most of all though, Dum Dums!  This was the sweetest part.  I loved past Stunt Zombie posts when he reviewed various flavors of Dum Dums and had action figures holding them.  It took what could have been boring pictures of just some lollipops laying around and made them high art.  I look forward to picking through my own action figures in order to bring the best representation of these Dum Dums.

Give it up for Stunt Zombie!