The Red Bulletin April 2015 Reviewed.


Red Bulletin is a lot of fun.  Some issues are better than others of course but overall I look forward to these issues every month.  There is always an article I’m very interested in and a second article I had no idea I wanted to read until it lay before me.  Then I am engrossed and seeking out more information about this subject because the Red Bulletin wrote it up so well.

This month:

I got to read about the first man to climb Niagara Falls.  Will Gadd took advantage of this year’s brutal winter and climbed up the falls.  Up!  Frozen!  That’s insane.

Even more insane is how much a DJ can make.   I plug away at this dream of writing in hopes to one day make it.  Guys like Steve Aoki give me motivation.  He is a DJ who came from nothing and is now making millions on top of millions on top of Forbes lists.  If he can go without sleep and push himself to the limit in order to see his dream then so can I.

The star article of the month isn’t even on the cover.  Aaron Bruno of AWOLNATION talks about his career history and its really amazing.  Sure I heard Sail, so did everyone.  But its only been within the past week that I have heard anything else from the band and holy shit he’s good.  If the point of this article is to become a fan of AWOLNATION and give them my money in the form of buying albums and going to concerts, mission accomplished.  Bruno, along with the previous mentioned Aoki give me a kick in the ass to work harder.  Failure is a lesson on the way to success.


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