Don’t Eat The Gum Pack.

A few weeks ago the very cool site Don’t Eat the Gum had an Instagram contest.  New followers, picked at random, got a prize pack in the mail.  Of course I signed up for it!  And I won one!  And it came today!  So lets check this out:

First off, a word about Don’t Eat the Gum:

Bringing nostalgia to people one convention at a time..

Don’t Eat The Gum is the brainchild of Kevin Kennedy and Josh Blevins. We sell unopened packs of movie and spoof trading cards at midwest horror themed conventions. Some packs as old as 30+ years. And they still have the gum inside. Now you won’t die or get sick from the gum, we just don’t think it’s a good idea to eat it.


How could you not love such a company?  I don’t care what shows up I know its going to be something awesome.  So what arrived?

First of all it arrived well.  Huge envelope and marked all over taht there’s no bending this sucker.  Don’t you dare damage the awesome stuff inside!

Gum01 Gum02

Enough tease, here is what was inside!



First off, go to that URL and support the A Missing Piece movie.  As grassroots as it gets and we need more visionaries like this out there in the world.

The card packs were closed when I took the picture but have no fear I have opened and gone nuts for what was inside.  Especially the Cereal Killers pack.  “Children of the Corn Flakes.”  Brilliant!

I was just listening to my friends on the Eclectic Mayhem podcast discuss the Critters movie series and then this shows up.  Along with another button for The Stuff!  Don’t Eat the Gum didn’t know this, but we have a button curtain in the apartment.  Any and all buttons we’ve collected go on the button curtain.  Two more awesome ones!

Also coincidentally, I was telling my wife all about the Toxic Avenger yesterday.  Its available on one of the many streaming video sites and I spent about an hour trying to convince her to watch it with me.  She is still undecided.  I may have to break out my favorite quote, “I always wanted to corn hole me a blind bitch.” to get her onboard.

Speaking of on board.  You need to get with Don’t Eat the Gum.  This was what they sent me for free.  Oh, and I found it after but there’s a Don’t Eat the Gum poster inside that Toxic Crusaders book!  All for free!  Don’t Eat the Gum packs vary in price but they don’t vary in quality.  Check out the links to get your own.

Thanks guys!



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