Exclusive Psycho Bonkers Preview from Aspen Comics III.


Tonight we continue to tell you the dear reader all about the latest title from Aspen Comics.  That’s right, Psycho Bonkers week continues.  As a reminder, here is what Psycho Bonkers is all about:

Psycho Bonkers, a new all-ages racing adventure series from Aspen Comics, will be hitting shelves May 20th, 2015. Written by Vince Hernandez (Charismagic, Fathom: Kiani), featuring pencils by Adam Archer (Marvel Universe: Guardians of the Galaxy) and colors by Federico Blee, Psycho Bonkers will take readers through five legs within the race of all races – The Super Bonk Rally – spanning amazing landscapes and death-defying terrain. (Letters by Josh Reed too! He’s damn good!)

Join Shine, a young but unyielding teenage girl, as she races to find the true story behind the tragedy that wrecked her family and shattered the sport of Bonk Racing to its core. Along with her trusted technician, Gabbo, and her sentient Bonk Racer, Shiza, she will discover that learning the truth about her future is as dangerous as the tragic past she is trying to forget.

Aspen-PsychoBonkers-prev5 Aspen-PsychoBonkers-prev6


Those two images above are exclusive to us, loyal follower.  Things seem simple enough.  A nice little graphic of some speed and our heroine and partner sail across with no further problems.  Damn though that second picture looks like something is amiss.  A Miss Shine no doubt throwing anything easy and safe out the window (hey wait a minute there are no windows!) and driving towards the unknown where only excitement is a certainty.

Psycho Bonkers will be out this Wednesday at all good comic book shops.


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