Fathom Blue #4 Preview.

Fathom_Blue-04a-Turnbull Fathom_Blue-04b-Turnbull Fathom_Blue-04c-Turnbull Fathom_Blue-04d-Turnbull


Vince Hernandez – Story / Claudio Avella – Art / Colors – Erick Arciniega


A dangerous new foe has risen!


The team plans their escape from The Rig, but discovers that escape is easier said than done with the might of the U.S. Navy bearing down on them. Meanwhile, Elia Fawn is dealing with her own personal demons—ones which could destroy all of human existence altogether!

FATHOM BLUE #4 is in stores September 23rd, 2015!

01-FathomBlue_04-Aspen 02-FathomBlue_04-Aspen 03-FathomBlue_04-Aspen 04-FathomBlue_04-Aspen


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