Countdown to Halloween 2015: Scream.

All month I’m posting my memories of all that is scary and horror and how it affected me.  Over the last few years I am finally becoming a Monster Kid and loving it.  The posts aren’t chronological, more whatever memory is freshest to me that day.  Today we look at what I now know was a turning point in my horror love, Scream.


See you kids today don’t realize how different the world of horror became post Scream.  I’ll even go further and say that the mid 90s changed film and in turn changed society and all of pop culture.

Everyone was going to see Scream.  It was an event.  While I wasn’t a horror fan yet I was big on events.  If everyone is seeing something, I should see it too.  Its why I saw movies that were big in my area but I really didn’t care about:  Powder, Angus, Now and Then.  I also had a girlfriend that wanted to see it and it was my duty to go with her.  This was my senior year of high school and while I didn’t know what I would do with it I knew I wanted to concentrate on English and Writing when I went to college.

Here is where I discovered writing in film.  Tarantino, Kevin Smith, and yes Kevin Williamson.  This is where we learned that a generation that grew up in front of the TV and was on the cusp of the internet had this shared language of pop culture.  We all watched Star Wars, and rented videos and learned how to have a relationship based on hundreds of high school dramas.  While some of these things were already in my wheelhouse horror wasn’t included.  Until Williamson opened my eyes.  Scream was witty, clever, and flat out a good movie.  Its crazy what can be done with a difference in outlook.  Instead of making a horror movie and getting a script they wrote a script, made a movie and it just happened to be horror.


Looking back I do feel this movie was a turning point.  Sure I was still scared coming out and searched the entire hatchback car before I agreed to get into it for fear someone was hiding within.  But this was where I realized horror could be great film and great writing.  I loved those things.  Beginning to look at horror as a production with dozens if not hundreds of people behind the scenes and just off screen made me appreciate things in a new way.  Scary movies are art.  They’re fun.  They can still be scary but its fun scary.

I was still years away but Scream started to allow me to love horror.  It needed some help still but there’s no way I would be watching guts and gore all month long without the catalyst of Scream .


This post is part of the Countdown to Halloween.  Follow me and many many other blogs as we talk about how great October can be for all.



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