Classick Team-Up! #29: William Bruce West, Parts One & Two


Presented by The CSPN

It’s the fortnightly return of an ALL-NEW Classick Team-Up!


In this first of this two-part episode, Classick reunites with longtime pal William Bruce West (@williambwest) to recap the season premiere of Empire, then get into some of the other new TV shows of the young fall season that they have been watching and are anticipating. Reviews, details, and spoilers abound for episodes of Empire, Scream Queens, The Muppets, Rosewood, Blindspot, & more!

In this second of this two-part episode, Classick and William Bruce West (@williambwest) discuss the news that Ta-nehisi Coates will write Marvel’s Black Panther comic. Then, Classick realizes a startling connection about the waitress from the ending of The Avengers movie. We also recap our adventures at this year’s RetroCon and finally discuss the recent parade of a-holes that have been getting so much attention.

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