Classick Team-Up! #30: “Black Buns Matter” w/Ceej from Good & Terrible


Presented by The CSPN

It’s time for a black-bunned, white-seeded, expensive entrée edition of Classick Team-Up!


This week, Classick welcomes back the fabulous Ceej (@ImJustCeej) to the program to discuss expensive entrées, what it takes to travel to exotic destinations, fapalytics(TM), recovering from a cold, and a first-person, in-depth review of Burger King’s Black AF Halloween Burger! Is this Classick’s last ever episode? Can he survive the eventual mutations? Does eating black buns make one even more Afrocentric?

You’ll have to tune in to find out! Also, the return of Name That Flick!, with an all-Atlanta edition!

Listen to “Black Buns Matter” here!

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