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It’s time for a Brooklyn’s Finest black podcast moguls super-extended-full-length-movie-with-post-credits-scenes-sized edition of Classick Team-Up!


LeMar McLeanThis week, Classick welcomes fellow Brooklynite & podcast tycoon LeMar McLean (@MarzMediaUS) to the show to discuss running a podcast empire, his career in improv comedy, and being co-host of The RWR Podcast with Alice Radley. All this, plus we talk about the rampant renaming of NYC neighborhoods, buying clothes in the city, the influence of Netflix, could “M*A*S*H” work on TV today, comedy wrestling, how does Bernie Sanders relate to black people, the New York Auto Show, and an all-Brooklyn edition of Name That Flick!

Listen to Classick Team-Up: “Brooklyn’s Finest” with LeMar McLean here!


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