Crown & Collards Episode 53: The Anniversary Special, featuring #GoodAndTerrible


Presented by The CSPN

Welcome back to another edition of Crown and Collards, a weekly discussion podcast hosted by Dan (@Danchrism) and Jeremey (@Blike_Dante).

Crown & Terrible

This episode marks the one-year anniversary of our show, and who better to celebrate it with than our network sisters Ceej and Melanie of The Good & Terrible Show? Together, “Crown & Terrible” read some Missed Connections from Atlanta & hand out awards for the CSPN yearbook. All this, plus a call from our listeners for submissions to the hashtag #CeejCurvedMe.

Be a greater ho, not a hater, ho!

Intro & Outro: Big K.R.I.T. x “I Got This”

Press Play and enjoy the show!

Listen to Crown & Collards Episode 53

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