The WrassleCast: This is 50!


Presented by The CSPN

Welcome back to the WrassleCast, your place for pro wrestling color commentary with color…

WrassleCast50-Beer Bash

For our landmark milestone epic 50TH EPISODE of The WrassleCast*, we do what we’ve done for the 49 episodes before! The latest RAW, SmackDown, NXT, & NJPW Reviews, plus this Saturday’s MSG Show & next week’s NXT TakeOver Previews. Listen in and hit us up with your comments!

Parting Promo: “Many Bounties” – Triple H vs. 50 Cent >>> Hear it on Soundcloud!
Halftime Promo: Harley Race puts out a hit

Listen to The WrassleCast: This is 50…

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