Star Wars Cereal is Here.


As if I don’t have enough empty cereal boxes in the house!  To be fair though, this is a pretty stunning display and I have no doubt I’ll see these boxes at conventions for many many years.  First there is the prize.  Always a good thing.  In recent years I’ve noticed that there are less and less toys inside the boxes.  Sure there are the occasional give away’s that one can mail away for.  Most of the time though, I would even throw it up there at 95-99% of the time there is nothing inside the cereal box.  Nothing but cereal that is.

The best part though it the change of packaging.  The bee, the bunny, the… whatever the hell I’m to call the shapes.  All with a Star Wars twist.  I thought the Bee was the best part until my eyes went down to the Trix Rabbit.  That right there is genius.  Make this a toy or even a bendy toy and I’m buying a case.

The Countdown to Halloween is over but has a new one begun?  Star Wars of wonder Star Wars so bright.  Star Wars with royal beauty bright?


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